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We shouldn't need to fight for social housing

Back in 2018, when I became Cabinet Member for Housing, I asked Lewisham Homes to commission a video to show and hear the voices of our fellow residents living in Temporary Accommodation (TA). The video's point was to support Lewisham Council's work in delivering the new social and council home building programme.

What has remained the same since 2018 is that everyone says they are in favour of social housing, but when it comes to it, are they? I've attended public meetings when some people say, "I agree with the need for new social housing, but...". It is that 'but' that hides a raft of arguments why new social homes are not wanted or to resist change.

Now, more than ever, new social homes are desperately needed. Therefore, I am sharing again the video 'No place like home' to highlight the lives of our fellow residents and neighbours who deserve a decent home to call their own. Is it too much to ask for your own front door?