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Thames Water / leaks, leaks and inaction

My latest correspondence on behalf of myself, Joan and Luke for us poor suffering residents

I am very disappointed with the performance of Thames Water. Last week no one worked on the leak on Endwell Road. As for Vesta Road, well total incompetence. My complaint about the escalation was not addressed.

Lewisham, the performance of Thames Water is terrible. How can I escalate the situation please? Surely we cannot allow them to close Endwell Road when their assurances and dealing with leaks is non-existent on Vesta and Endwell roads; no one works on them for weeks and months on end. How can their permission be revoked until they stick to completing a leak within their “fantasy” deadline? They’ve also closed the Peckham direction bus stop on Endwell Road. Are there not equality issues relating to the closure of this bus stop for longer than advertised?

Vicky’s Office, is there anything you can do to raise TW’s performance with government, Ofwat or on social media please?


Thames Water are intending to close Endwell Road as follows:-

Our work is due to start on Monday 9 May 2022 until Friday 20 May 2022. Our working hours will be Monday to Sunday 8am to 6.00pm.

Letter is here

Sewer Rehab letter - Endwell Road (May 2022) (002)
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