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#StandWithHongKong demo in London today 17 August 2019

I went with my husband - he is originally from Hong Kong - to show solidarity with the people of Hong Kong today. We converged on Trafalgar Square at 12:30 pm and were met by a small but organised protest of pro-Beijing students. It is incredibly confusing to see them present, as the Chinese state slaughtered their fellow country men and women in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Then students stood up to the Chinese dictatorship and were brutally repressed by China.

As I've seen in Hong Kong, the chanting from both sides was deafening. The pro-Beijing protestors were shouting, "We love China, we love Hong Kong," which was met by the pro-Hong Kong protestors with "We love Hong Kong," at the same time as the pro-China people said, "We love Hong Kong." This clever response was quite funny. However, when we all shouted, "Democracy for China," the pro-China protestors did not know what to say or do. I am sure there was a moment in their minds of, 'do we not support democracy for China'?

I have many friends in Hong Kong. My in-laws live in Hong Kong. I think Britain has a huge responsibility to fight for the 'One country, two systems' international agreement that Britain signed with China. This treaty must be enforced. Britain must stand up to China and work internationally to show that these international agreements matter and need to be upheld.

Finally, it is all our responsibility to stand up to bullies, however powerful or wherever they are in the world. If we don't, we will lose democracy and freedom.