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Lewisham Homes launches it's Community Investment Fund

Lewisham Homes has recently launched it’s Community Investment Fund, this is a fund where local residents and organisations can apply for funding for community projects.

With the initial launch of the Small Fund option, residents groups, community organisations and social enterprises can bid for funding of up to £2.5k to deliver projects that provide opportunities and benefits to Lewisham Homes residents.

What are we looking for?

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus), we are initially looking for projects that support residents remotely.

As part of our vision to create thriving communities and places people are proud to call home, the Community Investment Fund must provide the following:

· Training and employment opportunities for residents

· Activities for young people, to improve life chances and reduce anti-social behaviour

· Digital support to improve skills and assist with employment and benefit claims

· Improved health and wellbeing of our residents

Who can apply?

Anyone with a project or initiative that will support Lewisham Homes residents during the coronavirus outbreak.

If anyone has any questions about the scheme they can contact the Community Relations Team at