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Further clarification on Convoys Wharf, Plot 21

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me regarding the Convoys Wharf development and the future of Plot 21.

The Council has been engaging closely with the developers in order to ensure that local residents are able to have their say on the future of the Convoys Wharf development. We have consistently emphasised the importance of proper community engagement throughout this process.

The community engagement webinar hosted in December was organised by Hutchinson Property Group and aimed primarily at members of the public. As this was not an event organised by the Council, we do not have a list of attendees and were not responsible for recording the event.

Following the webinar, we were made aware of inaccurate reports that the Council had been lobbying the Greater London Authority (GLA) for additional homes to be built on Plot 21. These reports are completely inaccurate and do not represent the Council’s position.

At no point have we lobbied the GLA to put more units on this site. On the contrary, we have been consistently clear to the developer that any planning application for Plot 21 would require a strong planning justification. This has yet to be provided.

I released a statement last month setting out the Council’s position in relation to Plot 21 and addressing the inaccurate reporting around this issue.

Finally, the complete recording of the event is available by clicking this link The link will take you to the Convoys Wharf pages on the Hutchison Property Group UK webpage. They say there is an unedited version on that page, towards the bottom.

Cllr Paul Bell

Cabinet Member for Housing & Planning