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TfL not serving the residents of South East London, well

Below is the result of the consultation on changes to bus routes 53 & 172 (amongst others). Cllr Dacres put in an excellent response for Lewisham, but TfL only partially listened. South East London could be better served by TfL. We do not have the same 'advantages' in transport options compared to most other parts of London.

The full consultation response is here and the equality impact assessment is here.


Route 53

Change route 53 to no longer run between Whitehall and County Hall.

Renumber the night service as N53 but otherwise not change the night.

Reduce frequencies on route 53 from every 7.5 minutes to every 8 minutes whilst retaining an additional westbound journey in the morning.

Route 172

Change route 172 so it no longer runs between Clerkenwell Green and Aldwych.

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