CONSULTATIONS: Some Lewisham Council consultations that may be of interest

New Cross Area Framework + Station Opportunity Study - Final Public Consultation - October - December 2018

The final draft of the New Cross Area Framework and Station Opportunity Study has now been released for an 8 week public consultation until Friday 7 December 2018. This will be the third round of public consultation for the document, with our first round having taken place back in late 2017/early 2018.

The document and accompanying survey can be found on LB Lewisham's consultation portal here:


We will also be continuing our successful series of public drop-in events with a Saturday afternoon drop-in session at New Cross Learning - dates are still be finalised but this is likely to be Saturday 17 November 2018. Following this final round of public consultation the document will be revised to reflect the comments we receive, after which it will be utilised as evidence base for the Local Plan and used as a guide to help inform the coherent evolution of the study area.


The Transport Policy team working with Cllr Dacres and Cllr McGeevor have been drafting Lewisham’s 3rd Transport Strategy and Local Implementation Plan 2019 - 2041 (LIP3). The Mayor of London requires each borough to develop a LIP3 that sets out how it is going to deliver the Mayors Transport Strategy (MTS) objectives at a local level. The LIP3 will act as the Council’s primary transport strategy, which is then supported by separate more detailed strategies including ones for Rail, Cycling, Air quality and Low emission vehicles.

LIP3 Consultation

The LIP3 public consultation opened on 12th October, and this can be accessed via the Council’s consultation portal: The deadline for responses to this consultation is 24rd October 2018.

Revised Statement of Gambling Policy


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