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Veganism is a belief covered by the Human Rights Act

So, today I joined the Vegan Society. I became a vegan over four months ago and I feel so much better. Now is time is time to show greater commitment by joining the UK national charity for vegans. Also, today I learnt about the rights of vegans to be treated the same as all other beliefs. A parent in Bury challenged the lack of vegan options for her child at school under the Human Rights Act. She won.


So, I emailed Lewisham Council to check that this is available to vegan kids in Lewisham. You may be thinking that vegans are being pushy. But aren’t all beliefs a little pushy when it comes to their view of the world? I am by all means not perfect at the moment. There is a long way to go before I am confident that every purchase is 100% vegan. But every journey, begins with the first step, right?

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