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TfL Consultation on reducing bus services: "Central London Bus Services Review"

TfL are consulting on reducing bus services across London. The ones that affect Telegraph Hill Ward directly are 53, 171, 172 and 343. The 343 changes are about making it longer, as a route. To add yur voice before 9th November 2018, please follow this link:

Here is what I've said:

Dear TfL,

I completely disagree with your proposals to stop bus routes 171 and 172 from going beyond Elephant & Castle for the following reasons:

  1. South East London is very poorly served. We have no tubes (beyond Elephant & Castle), the Overgound is terribly overcrowded and Southern Trains are a total disgrace. The trains from Brockley Station can be unreliable and the whole line can be suspended. My constituents then use the 171 and 172 to get to work in Central London. To have no direct buses to Central London is not right nor fair particularly to people with disabilities and/or on low incomes.

  2. I do not believe you have considered the impact of people living with disabilities having to change buses at Elephant and Castle, particularly in the colder months and/or in the rain. People with less effective immune systems and whom are effected by viruses in a more pronounced way - including myself - will be effected negatively. This will have a consequence for GP surgeries and the time it takes to get an appointment, as more people will get sick. This will also have a negative effect on people who work but do not get an occupational sick pay scheme.

  3. I do not believe you have sufficiently looked at the impact of capacity on the remaining bus routes from Elephant and Castle. Placements for prams is limited and more people with children in buggies will have to wait for longer. This will also disproportionately effect people using wheelchairs.

  4. The lack of capacity, particularly at Elephant and Castle, moving south, will create more overcrowded and unpleasant bus journeys.

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