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Telegraph Hill Assembly, today

Crime featured at the Telegraph Hill Assembly

This afternoon was the Telegraph Hill Assembly with a focus on crime, given recent incidents. Sergeant Jacqui Ward and the Telegraph Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team presented the following figures over the last month:

  • There has been an increase in vehicle crime

  • There has been a decrease in burglaries and robbery

  • Drugs are driving crime

  • There have been 33 arrests, 15 drugs related and 1 firearm related.

  • A lot of the drug suppliers have been taken off the streets.

Then followed some questions from residents. I raised the fact that communication is still an issue and that despite asking, no police officers or staff came to the last Somerville United TRA meeting. There is going to be some work going forward on communitcation. Here are the contact details that the police handed out this afternoon:

Telegraph Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team

However, always call 999 in an emergency.

Also there - obviously me, Joan and Luke were - was Vicky Foxcroft MP who updated residents on the Youth Violence Commission that she is working on. You can find out more about it by visiting the website HERE.

In addition, there is a form of out of hours noise abatement service when neighbours are not considerate to other neighbours. If you are experiencing this then the current number to call is 020 8314 7237. Also, the Lewisham Council noise nuisance information can be found HERE.

A big thank you to the police and their support staff who are under-resourced because of the Tory government.

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