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The single largest cause of homelessness in Lewisham is by private sector landlords kicking out thei

Since 2013/14, he largest reason for homelessness in Lewisham is because households in the private rented sector were asked to leave through no fault of their own.

Of course, if there was more social housing then the private sector would not have such power to create misery for people and their families. We need more council homes, more social homes and longer tenancies. I would go further and want rent controls.

As of the end of June 2018, there were 9,579 households on the housing waiting list and 2,001 households in temporary accommodation.

In Lewisham, we've introduced licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). At the end of July 2018, there are 312 HMOs licensed. For properties above commercial premises, the number is 87 licences in place.

However, there are a potential further 135 properties identified. 50 of those are being challenged by their owners. I look forward to the extended HMO licensing scheme in October and of course a borough-wide scheme, which we will be applying to do.

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