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Update on Roma Corte fire, Lewisham

Lewisham Council have been busy making sure all our residents are safe. This block is managed by Barratt Residential Asset Management company. Here is their statement:

"A fire occurred in a single apartment at Roma Corte...It was extinguished safely and quickly without any injuries. Heat and smoke detectors and sprinklers are present in all apartments. Full fire safety procedures in the building were followeed successfully and we would like to thank the London Fire Brigade who responded swiftly. All residents have now returned to the building and we are conducting an investigation.

"In addition for your information it might be helpful to know that in line with fire building regulations, there is no central, audible alarm system but each unit has its own fire safety measures including heat and smoke detectors and sprinklers which performed as expected. The fire was contained, the sprinklers suppressed the fire in the apartment and residents returned to the buidling rapidly."

The letter sent to residents is HERE.