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Picturehouse & Ladywell Playtower, motion passed at Lewisham Full Council

I am very pleased to have proposed the following motion to Full Council, seconded by Ladywell councillor, Liz Johnston-Franklin and passed unanimously by Lewisham Council:

"We welcome the Mayor’s decision with regards to the Ladywell Playtower redevelopment. We are pleased that Ladywell will now have a cinema and at the same time Picturehouse, a corporation currently involved in attempts at strike-breaking in a major dispute with its workers, has not been welcomed into Lewisham. We support and send our solidarity to the Picturehouse workers’ campaign for the London Living Wage, union recognition, improved working conditions and the reinstatement of their sacked BECTU trade union reps at the Ritzy."

#Picturehouse #Ritzy