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Update on the Waldron Walk-in Centre from the Healthier Communities Committee

Lewisham CCG will not be taking a decision yet on the contract for the Walk-in Centre. They are in a period of reflection. They say the extended GP appointment service is not well known. This is in direct contradiction to what Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is saying in that the GP extended access service has a wait of 2 to 3 days before an appointment can be made. In addition there is a lack of GPs and that general practice is struggling.

The CCG has acknowledged that unregistered patients is an issue. They are saying they do not get the funding for these patients. The homeless population is a key feature of consultation responses and from Vicky Foxcroft MP. The CCG have acknowledged there is a gap in service for this group. On children under 5, the service at Lewisham Hospital will now be accessible.

Key: 82% of respondents to the consultation do not support the proposals to close the Walk-in Centre.

In addition, 5,000 patients are going to be displaced from the Hurley Practice at the Waldron and they will be written to! Next week is the Lewisham CCG Governing Meeting. They will be considering the consultation responses, but are saying no decisions will be made at this meeting. The CCG would not be drawn on the contractural arrangements. As it stands, the contract ends for the New Cross Walk-in Centre on 31st December 2017.

I would advise people to attend the Lewisham CCG board meeting that discusses the Walk-in Centre. The meeting is as follows:

9 November from 9:30am to 12pm at Cantilever House, Eltham Road, London SE12 8RN.

Vicky Foxcroft MP, Telegraph Hill and New Cross councillors remain opposed to the closure of the New Cross Walk-in Centre. Nothing I've heard tonight changes my view.

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