Congratulations to Damien Egan & THANK YOU to my supporters and team...

The results of the Labour Party Lewisham mayoral selection are in. Damien Egan has won the support of the Party members to stand as our candidate in 2018. I offer Damien my congratulations and support. He will make a fantastic Mayor.

I would like to pay tribute to my campaign team and activists who have worked so hard. Being a candidate is only possible when so many people believe in you. I am humbled and grateful for this support.

This selection has achieved a number of positives which we must hold onto. The first is that the Labour Party has changed. It has moved to the left and we should rejoice and celebrate this. Secondly, Jeremy Corbyn is our leader. I campaigned and supported him twice and I will continue to do so. He will be our Prime Minister. I am pleased that most candidates in this elected focussed on his leadership as a positive force for change. Long may this continue.

Finally, I hold true to my principles. Only by ending outsourcing and privatisation, by income generating and doing things differently can we overcome austerity. For me and so many others, austerity is a force for ill. A Tory agenda of reducing the state and undermining local government. We must not let them get away with it.

Thanks again to everyone who campaigned, supported and voted for me.

Best wishes,

Paul Bell