Active Communities - Grants Available

Active Communities 2017 - grant funding scheme

There are grants of up to £10k available to groups and clubs for projects aimed at encouraging inactive people to get active. It's initially aimed at a limited number of boroughs, of which Greenwich and Lewisham are two.

The deadline is 25th Sept, 12 noon.

Overview of grant criteria:

"We are keen to encourage activity within communities and to support a diverse range of organisations, not just the more traditional sports groups.

In addition to meeting the main Programme Aim of getting more inactive people active, we also want to support groups who harness sport and physical activity as a way to connect with their communities; to engage and inspire those facing disadvantage, to reconnect people with society and to provide hope of turning lives around. In addition to getting inactive people active, we will prioritise projects that also address any of the following Programme Goals:

• Reduce isolation

• Encourage greater social cohesion

• Contribute towards crime prevention

• Provide physical activities for lower income families"

Please click on the link below for further details.

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