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Lewisham and the Grenfell Response

Since the tragic Grenfell fire, Lewisham Council and Lewisham Homes have been very busy checking and making sure our council houses are safe. A similar exercise is underway by housing associations and some private landlords. Risk assessments and intrusive work has been undertaken. No one needs to evacuate in Lewisham Homes properties. All fire doors have been checked including people's front doors in tower blocks and in Telegraph Hill all are 30 minute proof, i.e. they have a 30 minute fire rating.

Those buildings found with the problem cladding will have it removed. Lewisham Homes is working out how to remove and replace the cladding. Fire marshals will be in the blocks identified with this cladding, including Gerrard House in my ward. This will be 24/7.

The most important thing is to protect the evacuate point, usually a stair well - "Protected Escape Route”.

In the event of a fire, call 999 and speak to the London Fire Brigade. They will then tell you the right thing to do, stay or evacuate.

If you know of elderly and/or disabled residents, check on them regularly and make sure the landlord is aware they are in the building.

For further information, please see here:

Schools are using being checked.

Finally, once again our amazing fire fighters, NHS staff and the police have shown amazing courage and dedication. They deserve a pay rise.

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