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We must be HOPE, that includes in ourselves

While we may be in shock at the announcement of a general election on 8th June, we must now unite and fight for votes. Not on the streets of Lewisham but on the streets in marginal constituencies around the UK. We cannot allow the politics of hate in all its forms, including nationalism, to divide our nation.

We must show hope. We must be hope. We are hope. In order to do that, we must inspire hope that we can win this election, not for politicians but for our people who need a job; for people who have a right to a truly affordable house; to our neighbours who have the right to be treated with dignity in later life; to our fellow citizen’s children who have a right to an education, to a decent meal and life chances no matter what their background. For everyone one of us who enjoy the right to be treated by the NHS free at the point of need.

The Labour Party is that hope. Hope is eternal. Fear, division, poverty and despair will lead no one to the ballot box.