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New Cross & Sydenham Crown Post Offices - We must save them

It seems like every day we are fighting to save our services, whether it be our parks or now two crown post offices in the Lewisham. I speak of New Cross & Sydenham post offices. If it wasn't enough to sell off the Royal Mail to greedy parasites, our well loved and cherished crown post offices are now at risk of being downsized and privatised.

Labour areas are being savaged, attacked and undermined by ideology that does not seek to represent all citizens but just the rich and well connected. This time, they've picked on the wrong Borough. Known for the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, we will not sit back and let our services and hard working staff be mangled into a twisted non-service like a disposed Coke can. We are Lewisham and we fight. We are Lewisham and we win. We are Lewisham and a storm is brewing.

This week myself and Cllr Joan Millbank are working on trying to find a solution not just for our Crown post offices but also for the Catford Job Centre, more on that in future posts. For now, members of staff working in New Cross and Sydenham post offices, CWU members have my complete support. They have my solidarity, respect and commitment to do all I can to save our crown post offices.