Lewisham Council Motion Opposing CETA Tonight

Tonight at Lewisham Full Council, I will be proposing a motion brought to me by David Margolies, from Telegraph Hill. This motion reads:

"Lewisham Council previously voted unanimously against TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). CETA (the

Image courtesy of Global Justice Now

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), a clone of the moribund TTIP, comes before the European Parliament for a yes or no vote in early February (1st or 2nd but possibly delayed until the 14th).

CETA, like TTIP’s hated ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement would allow corporations to sue governments under its Investment Court System(ICS) if they feel the profits they anticipate are

hindered by regulation, even if that regulation is made in the interest of public wellbeing (e.g. as part of an anti-smoking campaign or in regard to health and safety).

CETA is fundamentally anti-democratic. This Council asks the Mayor to write to our London MEPs expressing this council's opposition to CETA and asks them to vote against the treaty.”