Improving the London Overground

TfL have been in touch asking for more details on the Overground service. If you have any incidents and/or comments to help improve the service, please contact me at Below is what I've said to TfL.

The London Overground is the lifeline to so many of us living in South East London. Thanks to the leadership of TfL for making the service better. However, there are 4 points that need addressing:

1. The Overground trains are now seriously overcrowded. I realise there are limitations, but I use the service too and during the morning commute it is difficult/impossible to get on the trains. The Brockley platform has also become dangerously overcrowded. This is probably in part due to the incompetence of Govia Southern and the government.

2. Since Arriva took over running the service from MTR/DB, I and others have noticed that trains are more late than before. The trains sometimes terminate early. In short the service has deteriorated. This is against a background of less Southern trains. Is Arriva being monitored closely? I still do not understand why TfL cannot run the service themselves and take profit out of the equation.

3. Canada Water has been rebranded Canada Chaos as the evening commute is very unpleasant. Because the Jubliee Line is so good, more and more people are deposited on the platform faster than an Overground Service can lesson the demand on the crowded platform. Since the introduction of the Clapham Junction Service, West Croydon and Crystal Palace services seem to be less. The New Cross & Clapham Junction trains are not overcrowded. Some of my constituents use New Cross, so I am not advocating for less trains there. But, as Clapham has excellent train/tube/OG links already, is it not possible to give West Croydon and Crystal Palace more services during the morning and evening peak times?

4. Night services. Because South East London is the poor neighbour of other parts of London, we depend on the Overground. As such TfL can introduce as many night tubes as it wants, but my constituents - who pay very expensive fares - cannot take advantage of it to New Cross/New Cross Gate/Brockley/Crofton Park, without getting a slow and infrequent night bus. When is the Overground going to run night services? This is a matter of farenesss.

I will post whatever comes back from them.