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Racism & Hate Crime is Totally Sickening

Below is my statement on hate crimes and racism following the EU referendum:

I will not accept any form of racism or hate crime. Lewisham Council will be putting a motion to full council in July to condemn, in the strongest terms, any attack based on hate or racism.

This country has a good record of integrating countless people from different cultures to live peacefully and as equal citizens. My own husband came from Hong Kong to live in England. I am proud of my country. I am proud of tolerance. I am proud of diversity. I have fought racism all my adult life. I will always do so. If anyone experiences racial abuse, then report it to the police and then to your local councillor. It has been a difficult few weeks. EU citizens living in the UK have our support and are welcome here. As a community, we should protect each other.

#Hatecrime #Racism