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Divided nation needs hope not recrimination post-Brexit vote

Over the course of the last few hours, I've heard some rather surprising views. Many people are jubilant but a relatively equal number are not. Some are waving union flags. Others have brought out the Saltire or St Andrew's Cross flag demanding a second Scottish independence vote. Statistics abound about the younger generation being betrayed by the "baby boomers" and the elderly.

Others are inconsolable. As a result name calling and silly concepts of a London city state are being seriously considered. A second EU referendum vote is being demanded, even though the vote was fair and was clearly won. However, I do have some sympathy. Due to the fragmentation of democracy in the UK, where Scotland is given a national identity, glued together by state acceptance of nationalism, Wales is allowed to administer itself and Northern Ireland is in a power sharing agreement with all sections of society, England is contained. As a country, England is not allowed to think for itself. Fractured by a successful and variant "combined authority narrative", many English people feel they cannot be themselves. Added to this, the deindustrialisation of north and parts of Wales and Scotland by Thatcher was not reversed by New Labour. From 1997 to 2008, wealth was created but it was fake wealth based on debt, credit and an extended holiday but because everyone shared in it, most of the country accepted the European Project.

Since 2010, the Coalition and now Conservative governments have only governed on behalf of the rich and the elites. They have purposely and viciously using all the state apparatus behind it, dissected and slashed English cities, towns and some rural areas thereby creating hopelessness and resentment to people coming here from the EU to work. Despite many warning signs for the Labour Party, where our vote is draining away to UKIP, the issue of uncontrolled immigration was not discussed. Some descended into a tirade against anyone who voiced concerns of immigration as racists. I know, I've witnessed it in meetings. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, this closing down of legitimate concerns along with the failure of the EU to change the principle of the free movement of people, has fermented discontent leading to the result on 24th June. Blame is not my game. But we should recognise it.

I realise that saying this is one thing. But how can we move forwards? Well at the moment we cannot. We need time to let our emotions subside and our logic to kick-in. Yet, before I've had time to finish writing this blog piece, a massive conspiracy has begun to get rid of Corbyn. It appears that some Labour MPs who failed to see why some many voters went for Brexit are now hiding their own failure in scape coating Corbyn. Notwithstanding the failure in Scotland with the growth of the horrible SNP, these same "experts" are going for the jugular of socialism in the Labour Party. We are not a social democratic party. We are a democratic socialist party - it says it on our membership cards. Unfortunately, failure is an uncomfortable bedfellow and so the anger and hopelessness is cast on the leader. Enough. Corbyn needs to decide whether he can win the general election - I would think, there needs to be one this year. I believe he can. The "disunity MPs" need to decide whether their actions are for the right reasons or their own careers. I'm not judging, yet.

No matter who writes what, everyone should look for their own evidence. We need to pick a number of constituencies who voted for Brexit and ask them whether they would vote Labour in a possible general election in October? It is in these MPs best interest - you know the ones using the metaphorical knives in JC's back - to show that they are not just careerists worried about their seat.

We must get rid of the Tories. We must keep the union together. We must let England be a country. We must protect our country against nationalist and fascism. We must also go on the attack against the SNP. For far too long they've been given "breathing space" for a narrative of separation and division. Breaking families apart. Enough, enough, enough!

I've witnessed my country deflated over the last two days. Leadership from our politicians is what we need. Not a coup.

#EUReferendum #Brexit