GoviaMustGo - 32,000 cancellations without penalty

According to the rail unions, Southern Trains operator Govia - in agreement with the UK government - is now allowed an extra 33% more cancellations before penalties are applied. That means, you journey home from work after a long day, is more likely to get cancelled.

Ask yourself, have you experienced a cancelled, broken down or disappearing train on the Southern network in the last few weeks? Are they using the excuse of unprecedented levels of sickness? Has the bubonic plague returned to the streets of London?

If you have experienced any of the above, you must take action. Train operators rely on passengers doing nothing. As a result, they get away with ripping us off and still not providing a service.

If you are fed-up of paying high fares and still cannot rely on Southern to get you to your destination on time, then click HERE to learn how you can take action.

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