Mayor Khan & Labour Party Unity

At last we have a Labour Mayor. Despite a negative and often distasteful campaign bordering on racism, the voters of London have decided that the opportunity of better housing, more affordable transport and a Mayor who is a true Londoner, should be heading-up City Hall. Obviously, having worked hard to get him elected with thousands of others, many are now resting and expecting real change in London. Yet despite the amazing victory - 8 years of Tory Mayoral rule overturned - there are number of challenges that collectively we must solve. My casework tells a story of a declining welfare state and a fragmented care pathway between our wonderful NHS and local government. Housing is now a luxury for many of our fellow citizens, while others own multiple homes for personal gain, placing young and old alike to sleep on wet pavements or in temporary housing. Yet, against the backdrop of celebration, there are some voices within the Labour Party that cannot resist talking negatively to the media. This has to end. As a person of the "left" - whatever that really means, especially to voters - I am getting increasingly irritated by disunity. During the Blair years we were all told we must be loyal, not air our dirty laundry in public, for the good of the party. Now we have Corbyn, the same party discipline does not seem to apply. As a Labour activist as well as a councillor, I do not walk down streets delivering leaflets and knock on doors so that a few - and it is a few - irresponsible interviews are given supposedly in the interests of the party. It is my party too. It is not in my interest to hear attacks on our leader. I worked hard for Labour candidates when the party was led by Blair, Brown and Miliband. I expect that we all work hard for each other under the leadership of Corbyn. Watching Jacob Rees-Mogg MP on BBC2 today label the Mayor of St Ives as a Luddite, because the people of her town have chosen - through a referendum - to limit new house builds to local people, shows that we as Labour Party members have much more in common against the Rees-Moggs of this world. Unity is strength. Voters hate to see the said dirty laundry. I learnt that from the New Labour days. We are a broad church, but with equality and fairness at our heart. This binds us together. Lets all be singing with the same voice. The song? Well it has to be "An Ode to Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn".

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