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The green area to the rear of Frankham House - Tidemill development

An update on the Tidemill development green area

The green area at the rear of Frankham House will not have temporary buildings or structures. The site compound and set up will be located within the existing hoarded car park to the rear of the school buildings.

As per the agreed planning consent, only a section of the garden will be built on which does include the existing pathway (highlighted yellow) shown below. Please note this has come from the original approved planning drawing and as such does not take into consideration the amendments made to the landscaping plan, of which will be provided shortly for consultation.

It is the intention to commence the landscaping works to the green in February (to complete as soon as possible) which will allow the area to be opened for residents use prior to the completion of the residential buildings. This will include the new pathway through to the Frankham House parking area. It is the intention to have this area ready for use in the summer of 2020.

It has been necessary to close the existing pathway to complete ground surveys which are required to clear pre-start planning conditions.

The landscaping works will not commence until the final meetings have taken place with the working group to review and agree the amendments to the plans which will then be resubmitted.


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