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My Beliefs

CREDIT – I believe in the reform of the credit laws. Why should the banks increase a person’s interest rate when they get into trouble, thereby creating a spiralling circle of debt?


CRIME & ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR – I believe that crime and anti-social behaviour should be punished. Being a member of society means that individuals have responsbilities to it.


ECONOMICS – I believe everyone should share in the wealth of this country. The law should be changed on corporate responsibility, putting local communities and the environment higher-up the agenda.


EDUCATION – I believe in free education as a right for all our people. This includes academic and vocation education post-18. I also believe in votes for 16 year olds.


HOUSING – I believe housing is a right and not a luxury. I will fight for social housing and the new building of council homes. I believe in rent controls.


NHS – I believe in the NHS, our greatest advancement. We must stop the creeping privatisation and the neo-liberal concept of the market in our health service. I support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.


PENSIONS – I believe in the aims of the Pensioner’s Confederation.


PRICE CONTROLS – I believe in new price controls levied against the energy companies, to prevent the huge price rises and unjustifiable profits of the utilities. I will campaign for the abolition of the unacceptable pre-payment meter charges.


POVERTY – I believe in the eradication of poverty both at home and abroad. 


PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION – I believe in the reform of our electoral system to restore faith in politics.

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