Firefighters are heros...not convenient scapegoats for private failure


Let me make this clear, Grenfell and the human souls lost is a national disgrace. This is a human and national tragedy. The Fire Brigades Union statement on 30 October sums it all up for me: 


“The true culprits of the fire are those who wrapped the building in flammable cladding, who gutted the UK’s fire safety regime, who ignored the warnings from previous fires, and who did not hear the pleas of a community worried for their safety. We will be watching phase two of the Inquiry closely to ensure they are held to account. But we cannot wait for years for the Inquiry to conclude. Change is needed now.”


Firefighters protect us, save us and fight for us by putting themselves at risk. We will not let those that make profit out of housing get away with trying to blame our firefighters.


Cllr Paul Bell, Cabinet Member for Housing, Lewisham Council

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