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The performance of Southern Rail has never been great. However, in recent weeks it has been appalling. Missing trains, no staff, broken down carriages, excuse after excuse. The only thing you can rely on is that Govia - the parent company - puts up non-regulated fares year on year. 

You would think that the government would be on the side of hard working tax payers, families and commuters but it seems not.

A petition for Southern Rail (Govia Thameslink Railway) to be stripped of the franchise reached 12,466 signatures before it closed. Unfortunately, the government dismissed our concerns, instead choosing to be the mouthpiece of Govia's excuses.

It gets far worse though. The rail unions have exposed how the government has shafted us by allowing Govia to cancel a third more trains from February this year. That means, they will get away with cancelling 32,000 trains without penalty. A reward for failure. 

Enough is enough. Passengers need to act.


  • Tweet to Southern @southernrailuk and the Secretary of State for Transport @MPChrisGrayling demanding action is taken. Use the hashtag #GoviaMustGo

  • Write to him -  - demading action

  • Write to your MP, asking that failure is not rewarded

  • Write to the Chief Executive of Govia demanding action:

    • Charles Horton​, Chief Executive, Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd, Go-Ahead House, 26-28 Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR9 5GA

  • Email me if you are willing to attend a demonstration in Whitehall and/or Croydon

UPDATE: 4th July 2016

I recently wrote to the former Rail Minster, Claire Perry.  Click HERE for the "I don't care" response.

Lord Roy Kennedy has branded Southern's service as, " absolute disgrace." 

UPDATE: 26th July 2016

I proposed a motion at Lewisham Full Council on 20th July, demanding that Govia Southern franchise is terminted. This was passed, as a result our mayor, Sir Steve Bullock wrote to:


Secretary of State                            Chief Executive Officer

for Transport                                     Govia Thameslink Railway

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