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About Paul



I am one of three Labour councillors for Telegraph Hill ward in the London Borough of Lewisham. I've been a councillor in the ward - where I live - for 12 years. The Mayor of Lewisham appointed me as Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care - previously the Cabinet Member for Housing & Planning.


Onto the Labour Party itself. I believe in ending outsourcing and privatisation and I am trade unionist. I am a member of UNITE and GMB. 


My background: I’m from a working-class family in Sheffield, living in poverty in my early years and who, growing up as a gay man in the 1980s, faced the discrimination and homophobia of Thatcher’s Britain.


Since joining the Council, I’ve campaigned for our local hospital, championed animal rights, served as chair of planning and been a director for Lewisham Homes, that manages 14,000 properties. I’m so proud to live in Lewisham but 10 years of Tory misrule have pushed council services, and many local people, to the brink. Costs are too high, wages are far too low.


I am passionate about veganism, tackling climate change, ending privatisation, fighting discrimination, ending austerity and eradicating poverty, to improve the lives of people, all people, in our borough. 

Go vegan to stop cruelty to animals and fight climate change!


Cllr Paul Bell (He/Him)

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